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Collaborate on code, data, or policy, within your organization or with the public.

Upgrade your IT workflow

Git is an open-source version control system that tracks who made what change when across software projects.

Public engagement, private collaboration

Publish open source software on or collaborate privately and securely behind your agency's firewall.

Communicate more, manage less

GitHub's issue tracking tools give you day-to-day visibility into your project's success, without the need for lengthy meetings.

Enterprise controls, startup speed

Collaborate openly while still limiting access to a team, to select stakeholders, or to an entire organization.

In your datacenter or in the cloud

Run GitHub Enterprise in your data center as a virtual appliance, on AWS GovCloud or Azure, or let us host the code for you on

IT without the paperwork's terms of service are approved for government use by the GSA, and most plans fall below the micro-purchase threshold.

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More than just code.

Agencies use GitHub to engage developers and collaborate with the public on open source, open data and open government efforts. GitHub even renders common formats like text, CSV, and geospatial data.

Open Source

Pull request launching

The UK Government launches its new site with a pull request.

Open Data

GeoJSON diff of Illinois 4th Congressional District

The City of Chicago release geographic city data.

Open Government

Project Open Data

The US Government Open Data policy on GitHub.

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Join the Revolution.

Join the 605+ government organizations around the world who collaborate on code, data, policy, and more. See the rest of the GitHub government community.

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If you've already got a personal GitHub account, simply add and confirm your government email.

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An organization is your official presence on GitHub. Once logged in, create a free organization. You can always upgrade later.

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There's a semi-private group of government employees using GitHub to share best practices for software collaboration within government.

If the government email associated with your account is verified, you should have access.

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